Technology Plan, April 2013-April 2015


Due to the nature of technological advancements we realize that phases of this plan, even one year from now, may need to be re-evaluated and changed.


To assist students and faculty to make the best possible use of current technologies in support of learning and teaching (Refer to the University Goal 2 and NSTEP Objective 1)

  • Objective: Provide support for online programs and courses
  • Objective: Provide and support for videoconferencing
  • Objective: Provide software and training support for production of multimedia educational materials to provide technology training for faculty and staff (In support of the University Goal 2 and NSTEP Objective 6)
  • Objective: Provide training for faculty so that they will be more comfortable and better able to incorporate information technology into the curriculum and guide students in making effective use of the technology
  • Objective: Provide professional development opportunities for staff
  • Objective: Maintain an advanced technology lab for faculty training to promote the use of technology in the community (In support of the University Goal 4)
  • Objective: Provide non-credit instructional programs for individuals to allow the fullest possible use of information technology resources
  • Objective: Provide technology training sessions to the local business community


Technology Milestones:
  • Provided content production lab for faculty
  • Provided hardware and software in training facilities
  • Assisted in the development of online programs and online certifications
  • Increased the number of video conferencing facilities
  • Developed a comprehensive website to improve access to campus resources
  • Constructed multimedia smart classrooms
  • Secured grant funding in support of electronic initiatives